My Values

State Representative - Missouri 113

Protecting Our Jobs: Dan believes that far too many of our jobs have been shipped out of state and overseas. As our State Representative, Dan is dedicated to bringing these jobs back home to our community by getting rid of burdensome government regulations, fighting the spread of crony capitalism, and keeping our taxes low. Dan has received the endorsement of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce for his commitment to pro-growth policies that will move our state forward.

2nd Amendment: Dan is proud to have the endorsement of the National Rifle Association for his commitment to the 2nd Amendment. Dan knows the ability to defend your family is a constitutional right that must be protected.

Fighting the Drug Epidemic: Dan is committed to combating the drug epidemic in Jefferson county. Dan believes we must stand together to stop the proliferation of both prescription and dangerous illegal drugs in our community.

Education: In order to give future generations the opportunity for success, every child should have the ability to receive a high quality education. Dan believes our parents, teachers, and administrators know what's best for our local schools. Instead of being dictated to by state and federal bureaucrats, control of our schools should be at the local level.

Pro-Life: For his commitment to pro-life policies, Dan has received the endorsement of the Missouri Right to Life. Dan believes it is important to promote a culture of life in Missouri.

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